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Promoting Innovation – Suara, Spain’s largest services co-op

In April I visited Suara, Spain’s largest services co-operative, employing over 4,000 people and with a turnover of more than 80m euros. Based in Barcelona, Suara provides a range of care and education services across Catalonia. It was formed from a merger of three care co-operatives around 10 years ago, which realised that with competition […]

Commissioning Social Enterprises: Moving from Procurement to Partnerships

This E3M event explored the practical ingredients needed for the co-production of new solutions for service delivery in local communities, where local public bodies can harness the innovative power of social enterprises.

Models: Strategies and Models for Sustainable Social Enterprise Growth

In July 2017 E3M held its Strategies and Models for Sustainable Social Enterprise Growth event in London, drawing on the experiences of successful social enterprises.

Money: Financing Social Enterprise Innovation in Public Services

This E3M seminar was for leaders of commercial social enterprises and senior staff in public authorities, who wanted to learn about opportunities for financing innovative new approaches to public services provision.