What is Social Business International?

3425760629_432a3512c6_bSBI is passionate about using social enterprise to improve the lives of people and communities in the UK and Internationally.

SBI connects people and works across boundaries to learn from the success of others to make positive change in the world.

Our Offer

SBI designs activities and programmes to support the growth of social enterprise. Our clients include social enterprises, governments, public authorities, civil society organisations and private companies. We have also undertaken work for the European Commission, OECD and the ILO.

Using our experience and our extensive network of contacts, SBI can help you to support and work with social enterprises in your locality.

Global knowledge exchange

Since 2009 SBI has worked with clients in the UK and across Europe.


Time to Get Serious – International Lessons for Developing Public Service Mutuals, to download pleaseĀ click.

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